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The wind in your hair is the perfect companion to the warm sun on your shoulders. The smell in the air is that of freshness, flowers, and that unmistakable sense of authenticity. As you walk through the green grass and look up, there is endless blue sky, and a deep rich green carpet below your feet.

This is exactly what you needed to unwind, to relax, and to get in touch with yourself. With every breath you forget about daily life a little more. With every step out step away from stress, deadlines, and city traffic. With every passing minute you are letting yourself go to a place that exudes beauty and the best of what mother nature has to offer.

As you pass by a wide variety of garden beds you see potatoes, turnips, zucchinis, and perfectly round and ripe carmine cherry tomatoes. You can taste them just by looking at them and soon your mouth is watering. You are here to reset your palate, and move away from simple sugars and easy answers. You are here to move closer to complex flavours, organic vegetables, ripe fruits, and fresh herbs.

You are here to live life to the fullest, and your senses are already overwhelmed with layers upon layers of the pleasant odours and flavours that can only be found in Italy. The old-world charm is working its magic, and you didn’t realize you could fall in love with a moment, but here you are, doing just that. You feel lucky to have taken the time to visit a local organic farm.

SAN PIO X Farm, est. 1708 in Padova, Italy is the perfect setting to reconnect with nature and to engage in active nurturing thorough a love affair with delicious food. Su di tono® is the high quality Italian Organic produce line at San Pio X, a family farm and villa since 1708, located a short drive from the majesty of Venice.

The owner/operator Mr. Gianni Tono has combined old-world tradition with modern experience-focused strategies to offer his growing base of customers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with nature. All the fruits and vegetables are grown on the farm using ‘integral agriculture’ methods to get the most flavour and nutrition from each crop. The entire yield is certified organic, but that is only the beginning.

“We use nothing but what the earth gives us: green manure, fresh water, and plenty of sunshine without any added pesticides or fertilizers.” (Tono, 2022).

For customers that want to taste the tradition and quality of Italy, SAN PIO X and the Su di tono® product range are the perfect combination of experience and value. From naturally dehydrated vegetables to preservative-free ready-mixed soups, Su di tono® is demonstrating the perfect marriage of quality ingredients and high-integrity farming and preparation methodologies; they are marrying tradition with modern knowledge and science to create a better product, a better experience, and a better value. The Su di tono® brand has at its base four keystones:


They perfectly embody the modern zeitgeist of what people are looking for in what they can typically only imagine an organic Italian farm and its product lines. They produce sauces, dried soup mixes, vegetable pasta, condiments, dried vegetables snacks, Italian Wasabi, chili pepper powder, spices vegetable broth mix, and edible flowers.

The raw materials’ purity is closely protected and nurtured. Crops are grown based on their own natural rhythms, without external pressure from added chemicals. The vegetables and fruits are harvested at the peak of their flavour. The entire facility has been modernized and designed to be as safe as any competing high-volume production facility, but with the human touch that makes it uniquely Italian, and uniquely local. The dehydration method used to prepare select vegetables and herbs has been refined over many years, and is developed to preserve as much of the nutritional value and the taste profile of each ingredient as possible. With no dyes, no preservatives, no added salt or sugar, and ensuring that everything is field-ripened-only means that every time someone experiences Su di tono® products, they are tasting quality and integrity.

Truly, Gianni and the SAN PIO X Farm (est. 1708) team are a step ahead and levels above their counterparts at the grocery store, and have become a destination for the discerning palate, and the kind of client that values sustainable farming, organic flavours, exclusive quality experiences, and a deep desire to reconnect with the earth.

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