All the best of short supply chain: here it is!

“Short supply chain” means sustainability, traceability, resource and money saving. The benefits of such production system are innumerable, both for producers and consumers.

The short supply chain minimizes the distance between producer and consumer. It’s possible to significantly lower the number of steps that the product goes through in its life cycle, from birth to the hands of the buyer. This results in a streamlining of the entire supply chain, with a lower use of resources and a direct relationship between the two parties.

A production chain that can be summarized in a few simple steps:

In this way, the product originates in the same place, from the same hands: it is the producer himself who cultivates, processes and transforms it. Take, for example, a farm: the cultivation and harvest of vegetables takes place on the property lands. The vegetables then move on to the next steps of processing (for example, washing, cutting and preparing the ingredients), and after it gives us a finished product ready to be packed!

From here, the manufacturer can resell directly at his company… It takes little to set up a small shop, or just a place where to collect the goods. Alternatively, you can always count on a distribution network (even better if local, in the direct nearby!).

The consumer, therefore, goes to the company or to the small retailer for his purchases. The advantage? Being able to buy local, fresh and artisanal products a few steps from home. A true guarantee of quality!


This is why the product from the short supply chain stands out precisely for its freshness, especially if we consider the agri-food sector. The raw materials are produced and processed by skilled hands in one place, right where we can then buy the finished food.
The products arrive “from the field to the table”, without traveling long distances from the company to the point of sale / supermarket, eliminating the problem of storage and transport.


The short supply chain is transparent:by buying in the place of origin, we can know the creator of the product, the processing method, the personal and business history behind what we buy.


Usually, those who choose to buy from direct producers select those present in the neighboring territory. This means that the goods do not travel the distance between the company  (place of production)  and the point of sale (e.g. resale network, supermarkets…), gaining in terms of freshness, preservation and traceability. We must then consider how transport (especially for agribusiness) is a complicated and, alas, expensive matter. If the small producer no longer has to worry about the management of logistics and its high costs, the consumer benefits from a great saving at the time of purchase!

In short, the short supply chain translates into shorter distances, direct relationship and product quality. A new production chain model, which supports small producers and local economies, but also a different approach to purchasing: more aware, informed and sustainable.

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